What can I as a bride or bridal studio expect from JO MALIN?

The designers are mindful of the appeal of a wedding gown and all designs take comfort, style and personality in mind, keeping abreast with current trends whilst also fulfilling the legacies of traditional sewing techniques.

Where are the gowns designed and made?

JO MALIN is an South african-designed label with a Swedish head designer, with design and manufacture taking place in South Africa.

How long does it take to aquire a JO MALIN gown?

Contacting a JO MALIN retailer is highly recommended as times may vary from gown to gown and country to country. As in the wedding dress industry, the standard lead time is 4 months, but it is advised that you also factor in another 2 weeks for your alterations.

Are the gowns individually tailored?

JO MALIN creations are made according to your own unique measurements.

Where can I buy a gown?

Please see our retailers page to find a store near you if you wish to try the dress on. To purchase a dress online, please visit http://www.sheerbride.shop

Can the gowns be customized?

We can make certain changes to the designs such as adding or removing sleeves, adding or removing straps, raising or lowering the back/ neckline and shortening/ lengthening the train. We can also change out the skirts to a different silhouette. We will gladly work with you to achieve your ideal look. We recommend this process to be made in Cape Town.